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What are conversational video ads?

Nov. 2, 2022 | by Mellina Villanueva
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... is it a video of someone having a conversation?


…or it could be, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

Speaking of talking, now that we have mapped out What conversational display ads are … and how they differ from the traditional static banners we’re already familiar with, it’s time to jump into the world of conversational video ads. (There could have been a pun here somewhere, but I will spare you the half-good joke and get to the point.)

It is no secret that motion attracts the eye, and we’ve seen that in-banner video ads perform better than both static ads and animated ads. But can it get any better? You guessed it – yes, it can.
In short, a conversational video is an in-banner video with the spice that conversational display ads offer. As Cavai’s Head of Creative, Fabian Bjørne-Larsen, puts it: “It’s a meeting of two worlds. On the one hand, it’s a way to enrich conversational ads. On the other, it’s a way to enrich video ads.”

The calculation is simple

An already attention-grabbing format


A format that drives high engagement and relevance


An attention-grabbing format that drives high engagement and relevance

Most in-banner videos tell one story, regardless of what the consumer cares about.

Grocery store X has these offers this week: offer, offer, offer! See more offers!

With conversational video, the consumers will know what they can make from this week’s offers, and potentially find something they would like to cook. Chances are that they will actually care about this week’s offers. And even though there would be more focus on one of the offers, they’d still be exposed to all of them.

Coherence is key

Although there are many ways to approach a conversational video, some of the best results we have seen include:

  • Coherence. It is easier for the consumer to understand that the conversation belongs to the video if they interrelate. Frame out the video from the conversation background, or have an element that overlaps the video and the conversation.
  • Make the conversation interesting. What aspect of the product in the video will the consumer care about? If it’s a video showing off a new car, the consumers might wonder if that car would meet their needs. If it’s a trailer for a new blockbuster, chances are that the consumers would like to take a quiz related to the movie to get a chance to win tickets to the premiere.

Adding a conversation to an in-banner video makes the most of the video and the conversation. The video catches the eye and the conversation gives value to the video. Unite the video and the conversation, and find a relevant and interesting approach to talk about.

by Mellina Villanueva | Senior Creative