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Creative solutions for conversational advertising

Jan. 20, 2023 | by Raita Ampuja
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Being creative takes courage. At Cavai, we have put an extensive amount of effort into learning, testing and optimizing creatives. Our goal is to find the best creative approach to drive the best results for every industry and every single brand, knowing very well that getting the attention of people in digital spaces is a mighty challenge.

Then why not go the easy route?

One might think it saves money and resources just to do a simple static ad, since that’s how the industry has largely been operating for years in digital spaces. However, according to McKinsey quarterly, creativity is a significant component of better business performance. They’ve even found a strong correlation between creativity and financial success.

We have noticed the same trend: even the most “ordinary” products and services get great results –like increased interaction time and ROAS – by paying attention to the quality and even ingenuity of the campaign creatives.

Now let’s take a look at some of our favorite creative approaches for interactive advertising, that go beyond the “classic” conversation.


Quiz creative for SF Studios

Everybody loves a good quiz! This creative approach uses - you guessed it - a quiz to create engagement with the brand. The quiz can either be centered around learning more about a product or service, or about a theme that is otherwise relevant to the advertiser. We’ve seen success with seasonal or otherwise themed approaches as well.


Recommendation creative for La Roche-Posay

Put simply: you’ve got a lot of different things to offer, but they’re probably not all perfect for everyone. This creative approach centers around matching the right product from a product family with the right person. Most often this recommendation tactic will be tailored to ask people what they need, and then offer the right product based on individual input. If you want to make people feel like they’re valued customers and get personalisation without third-party targeting, this solution is for you.


Inspiration creative demo for Johnny Walker

If you’re not here to pitch a specific product, you can always offer inspiration, or _vibes_ so to say. This creative approach serves to inspire people on anything related to a  product or brand. How to better use a product, or something relevant to the product category itself - interior inspiration, cooking inspiration… The world is your playground. 

What separates this from a recommendation is that it is less likely to lead to direct product purchase, and  meant to serve more of a branding or awareness type activity.


Informative creative for British Gas

Your brand probably has a lot to say. This creative approach is to educate people  more about the service or product offered – or for operators who simply need to reach people (PSAs for example) . We’ve found that in addition to educating people, the creative approach also works by involving a type of FAQ approach, where common questions or misconceptions about the product or brand are answered.


Gamified creative for Adidas x Zalando

Who can resist a fun interaction? You can have that, and branding too. This playful tactic uses various interaction methods to engage people. The creative approach is more of a mini-game than a regular conversation. Games are also great for painting a more casual and interactive image for your brand. 


Configurator creative for Polestar 2

Continuing in the theme of playing around – who doesn’t love to configure and customize products to their liking! This creative approach lets people tailor a product to their likes and needs. The most common use case for this creative style is the car configurator for auto advertisers, but we’ve also done makeup, clothes, kitchens and drinks!


Poll creative for Essie

It seems like – especially on the internet – people love sharing their opinions! This creative approach is used to engage people by showing them something they can actively be a part of. By polling them on broad and engaging topics and showing current results, people will be tempted to share their piece. 

People love being a part of something, and this is a low-barrier type of engagement that can suit any type of advertiser who wants to appeal to a broader audience.

Get creative!

You can’t expect your advertising results to change if you’re doing the same thing over and over again. Our creative approaches are a starting point from which we can tailor the optimal ad to showcase your products and services. Trying out a unique approach will always pay off – either in results or in learnings and insights.

by Raita Ampuja