Our Products

Our conversational products are designed to help advertisers reach their goals while respecting people's privacy and keeping the user experience front and center.

Our Products

Be human

Communicate rich and complex topics the human way: Through conversation

Be relevant

Serve multiple client segments in all parts of the funnel with one single conversation

Be smart

Gather deep conversational insights without having to rely on third-party data

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  • desktopConversations in display

    Turn ad blindness and passive viewing into memorable interactivity. All formats, all sizes, all media.

  • mobileConversations on mobile

    Have conversations with people in the place they associate most with interacting and messaging with others.

  • nativeNative conversational solutions

    Deliver relevant, integrated advertising experiences to specific publisher sites.


FRODE SYLLIAASEN Digital Director, OMD Norway
Conversational advertising formats have the potential to communicate with people on their terms. We are excited to work with Cavai in enabling this exciting future of advertising for our clients today.
PERNILLE ØDEGAARD PRYSERDigital Marketing Lead, Nordea
We are delighted with the results of our conversational advertising campaign that we did together with Cavai. Not only are we happy with the results, but the collaboration has been fun, professional and very agile
PIETER JADOULMedia DIrector, AdSomeNoise
Start having two-way conversations with your consumers, and sharing all the benefits of higher engagement, sales and customer experience
DESIREE STROETCampaign Specialist, Transavia
Conversational display has been a fantastic match with our campaign ‘Samen Uit’. The message comes across more powerfully when it emerges out of true interaction. We are surprised and delighted with the results.

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