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The Journey to Interactive Advertising Success

Mar. 17, 2023 | by Jim Lindholm
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Navigating Metrics and Making an Impact

We all encounter too many irrelevant and annoying ads daily while scrolling. Sadly, this is a common experience in the world of display advertising, where the challenge is to overcome the clutter and provide real value to both advertisers and end users. In a world where banner blindness is becoming increasingly prevalent and trust in traditional banners is low, what is the key to success in digital advertising?

As a marketer, you probably know that clicks and impressions aren't enough to determine the true impact of your campaigns. Success in digital advertising is about creating a positive, personalized, and effective connection with your customers. This is where interactive, and especially conversational banners, come in.

Conversational banners are a type of display ads that allows users to interact with your brand through the banner. Whether through a chat interface or a voice assistant experience, the goal is to deliver value to the user and make a real impact on your advertising efforts.

So, how do you measure the success of your interactive and conversational banner campaigns and know if you're on the right track? It starts with understanding the metrics that matter most.

Here are the key metrics to keep in mind:

Engagement rate: How many people are interacting with your interactive banner and how long are they spending engaging with it? A high engagement rate means that your ads are resonating with your target audience and that the time-in-view metric is way above the average static banner.  See our case study with Vodafone / Ziggo to learn more

Conversion rate: How many people who engage with your ad take the desired action, such as purchasing or signing up for a newsletter?  Adding trackers to different parts of the conversation or interaction can help you better understand where the conversions come from and what paths effectively guide users toward your desired outcome. See how BMW collected new subscribers for their newsletter.

Conversational insights: With conversational banners, you can gather valuable insights into your customers' needs, interests, and behaviors. This information can inform your marketing strategies and help you make data-driven decisions for future campaigns. See what S-Pankki learned with conversational ads.

Brand uplift: Measuring brand uplift through surveys or feedback is a great way to gauge how well your interactive ads are meeting the audiences’ needs and expectations. High brand lift means you're delivering a positive, memorable brand experience to your target audience. Check out how OMO builds its brand preference with conversational ads.

Now, the question is, how can you improve these metrics and drive even more success with your interactive ads?

Here are our actionable tips:

Know your target audience: Start by understanding who your ideal customer is and what they want and need from your brand. This information will guide the messaging and content of your interactive ads, ensuring they are relevant and appealing to your target audience. This is especially important for conversational banners – you gotta know what your audience wants to talk about.

Personalize the experience: The beauty of interactive ads is that they allow for a personalized experience. Use the data and insights you gather within the interaction to tailor the experience to each individual user, making it more likely they will engage and convert. 

Focus on the value proposition: Your ads should deliver real value to your customers. This could be through information, entertainment, savings, or any other form of value that is relevant to your target audience.

Optimize continuously: Continuous optimization is key to the success of any digital ad campaign. Analyze your metrics and make changes to your campaigns as needed to drive better results.

Enhance it with video: It’s not a secret that video works in advertising and by adding it next to engaging conversation it will turn your ad into an attention-grabbing monster. Read more about our conversational video solution here.

By keeping these tips in mind and staying focused on the metrics that matter, you can create successful interactive and conversational campaigns that get great results for your business and stand out from the crowd with a better ad experience. So, let's start on the road to successful conversational advertising today!

by Jim Lindholm