Cavai for publishers

Create a more engaging and effective ad space with conversational advertising. Our unique Bubble format borrows from the visual language of chatbots and virtual assistants, making the ad intuitive, user-friendly and complimentary to the UX of your site.

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Adopt an ad solution that will keep people engaged on your site

Conversational solution for publishers
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  • purple checkmarkPre-defined CPM rates
  • purple checkmarkVolume based discounts
  • purple checkmarkConsultancy agreements
  • Either full control over the workflow in Cavai Cloud or Cavai handles creative production for your clients
  • Trainings on conversational advertising and how to sell it
  • Insights, trends and sales support materials provided by Cavai

Personalisation without the need for third-party data

Cavai ads work with and without third party data, giving you a future-proof ad solution. The ads perform optimally when placed contextually, bringing more value to you and your audience

Keep people on your site

The Bubble and other conversational solutions are optimal for keeping people engaged within the ad, in stead of driving people off your site

A unique creative ad format

Offer advertisers an attractive, engaging ad format that drives tangible results and unique conversational insights for brands


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  • desktopConversations in display

    Turn ad blindness and passive viewing into memorable interactivity. All formats, all sizes, all media.

  • mobileConversations on mobile

    Have conversations with people in the place they associate most with interacting and messaging with others.

  • nativeNative conversational solutions

    Deliver relevant, integrated advertising experiences to specific publisher sites.


    PERNILLE ØDEGAARD PRYSERDigital Marketing Lead, Nordea
    We are delighted with the results of our conversational advertising campaign that we did together with Cavai. Not only are we happy with the results, but the collaboration has been fun, professional and very agile
    PIETER JADOULMedia DIrector, AdSomeNoise
    Start having two-way conversations with your consumers, and sharing all the benefits of higher engagement, sales and customer experience
    DESIREE STROETCampaign Specialist, Transavia
    Conversational display has been a fantastic match with our campaign ‘Samen Uit’. The message comes across more powerfully when it emerges out of true interaction. We are surprised and delighted with the results.

    Make your ads do more